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For only R99 per month



  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery

  • Dedicated Recovery Teams

  • Wireless Technology

  • Insurance Fitment Certificate

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Low Battery Alert

  • National Network Coverage

  • Quick Install

and more...

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Matrix MX2

For only R191 per month


  • Insurance Approved

  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery

  • Internet Tracking

  • Smartphone App

  • Jamming Detection

  • Border Crossing Alerts

  • Smartphone Tracking App

  • Geoloc Advanced Alerts

  • Harsh  Driving Alerts

  • Jamming Detect

and more...

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Matrix MX3

For only R231 per month

Includes all MX2 features plus:

  • Roadside Assistance

  • Medical Assistance

  • Panic Button Remote

  • Crash Alert

  • No-go Zones

  • Electronic Tax Logbook

and more...